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Players may transfer characters from their account to another account via the "Character Transfer" option on their Account Management pages. A single character transfer involves a transfer fee of either 2 PLEX or a credit card payment of 20 EUR/USD, 17 GBP or 1199 RUB. Character Transfers can only be made between active accounts, it is not possible to transfer a character from, or to, an inactive or Trial account.

The following, additional conditions need to be fulfilled for a character to be transferred:

  • The character needs to be a member of an NPC corporation. For security reasons, characters in player corporations may not be transferred as long as they are a member of a player corporation, even if the target account is owned by the same player.
  • Skill training for the character needs to be paused during transfer.
  • Both accounts associated with the transfer must be fully active accounts with remaining game time. If either of the accounts is inactive, you can activate it through the Account Management pages.
  • The character must be older than 14 days. 

Accounts may have character transfers disabled if they were involved in EULA violations in the past, in which case the characters on the account can not be transferred to other accounts. However, those accounts can still receive characters via a character transfer from another account.



Character transfers can be initiated through the "Transfer Character" menu option within the "Services" menu of the Account Management pages:

  • log onto the Account Management website for the account that holds the character you wish to transfer.
  • Open the "Services" menu and select the "Transfer Character" option. 
  • Select the character to transfer and enter the name of the destination account. Then click "Next" to select your payment method and enter your payment details as necessary. If the target account is tied to a STEAM account and as such has no account name, please refer to this help center article.
  • When you are done, click on "Next" and a confirmation page should be presented to you if the payment was successful.
  • Notification emails are sent to both parties when the transfer has been initiated. The emails are sent to the email addresses registered to the accounts in question.

For security reasons, all character transfers are processed with a 10 hour delay, during which the character is frozen and cannot be used. Should you run into any issues with the transfer or you wish to cancel it for some reason, then please file a ticket with the name of the character in question and Customer Support representatives will assist you as soon as possible.


If the transfer is to be paid with PLEX, the 2 PLEX need to be present within the redeeming system of the account containing the character to be transferred. PLEX located in game, like in the hangar of a character, will have to be reverse redeemed into the redeeming system in order to be used as payment for the transfer. Reverse Redeeming a PLEX is explained in detail here.

Please note that using the character transfer service is the only legal way of giving another person access and control over your character. All rights to the character will be transferred to the owner of the account the character is transferred to.



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